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I want to spend a minute of silence for my camera after the water festival Songkran in Bangkok. Althought I tried my best to protect it from many water battles, it is not longer with us today. That’s enough to prove how crazy the festival is. It was the craziest thing I ever seen in my life! After the trip to Angkok Wat with my friends, we headed to Bangkok, where the big festival is taking place, Songkran festival.

I arrived in Bangkok late around 7 pm as my bus was delayed at the border. We had to wait almost 3 hours in the sun. The Thai border was quite busy at that time, there was about a few hundred people waiting at the immigration to be stamped. We tried to get to Bangkok before Songkran starts one day so that we can feel the air of the festival.

When the bus dropped me at Khaosan road, the festival had started a few hours before I guess. People splashed water everywhere on the street. Trying to walk quickly through the crowd and avoid being wet from the water guns. I found a cheap dorm for only 100 bath a night. I can assure you that it’s the cheapest place you can find in Bangkok. The owner of the guesthouse is Japanese, so no wonder why mostly people staying here are Japanese. It’s hard to find a room when you come Bangkok at this moment or if any, price is very expensive.

Songkran is one of the festivals worth to see in Thailand. Normally Thai people celebrate about 3 days in Bangkok, 1 week in Chiangmai and only 1 day in few places. During the festival, Bangkok looks like a water city. People flock into the street, splashing water each other, and splattering white powder on your face. Khaosan road was naturally busy, now even more crazier and funny. Honestly, this is the craziest I ever seen in my life. If you are afraid of getting wet, you should stay at home or maybe go out with a rain coat or something.

Well, all you can do in the festival is to get for yourself a water gun which was sold everywhere on the street, a plastic bag might be useful to protect your money and camera. A plenty of coint to reload your water ammor from a big buckets sold from local people. It costs 5 bath to fill up your gun …aww that’s crazy. And the last thing is to get to the street and start massacring.

The festival started officially the next day after some rirtuals and prayings by the monks. People started shooting and splashing water to each other. They even shoot straight to your camera if they see you are trying to catch some pictures. The street is filled with thousands of people. Dancing, drinking, whooping frenziedly. Unfortunately, I want to spend more time in the festival but I could only stay for one night only as I need to be present at Malaysia for job interview in next 2 day. Trying my best to get out of the mad crowd, I hastily left Khaosan road in regret and tried to get to the train station. Yet again, I had to say goodbye to Bangkok where I’ve had so much fun and memories. But I think I will be back Bangkok for the Songkran festival again in the future.

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