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Hi All,
I like to share my Trip to Nepal recently…
We boarded Air Asia on 10th Nov, from KUL, Malaysia, heading to Kathmandu(KTM).

We landed safely and found life at the airport so different there with not much to see or shop, but Forms to fill in to get a Entry Visa….The lines in ques, with all pax, was moving slowly, as we visitors were many and we had to pay in cash, in US$, for the Visas.

The antiquity of the airport, taxis and the place added to the amazement to life as we began to drive to town to look for our “Host” in a sub-urban part of KTM. The taxi driver was kind to help get us to meet our Host after some phone calls, finding directions and eventually found him waiting for us on the road side!! He led us to his house, down a path. After a short walk we came to his house, a 3-story building with multiple doors and tenants. We were shown to our accommodation on the first floor and they lived on the second. The weather was getting chilly as the day was short with an early night fall, with winter as opposed to ours in the tropics!


There were no heating in their house and we could feel the cold, though we had some winter clothing! They were used to the weather and did the washing with cold water in the chilly winds! Also we were surprised to be invited to have dinner with them, instead of going to the town! It was served in traditional “Thali” (Plate in Hindi) with rice, dall, vegetables,pickle, etc…It was delicious yet simple and nice. This is Hospitality of the people in general. A tradition as in India, handed down from the ancestors!

We arrive in KTM to taste a way of life so different, yet hospitable and very friendly. We stayed 2 days and moved on to Chitwan and Pokhara for more of near Himalayan experience….
I hope the pictures can be loaded here later as it seems to be too big!

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  1. Avatar of Bhagwan84Bhagwan84 Post author

    Hi There JfK1101,
    It is some thing that is subjective and see if you can when n where we went!
    It was an “eye opener” as my Buddy put it and I agree! We saw lots of people but no one going hungry or homeless!
    But they don’t seem to have much as we see it….We felt much love though poor in their livelihood.

    We also did not have time to see much of any NGOs though there must be….
    Much can be done with Mr, Google ya!! ;)

    Bhagwan :)

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