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Greetings from the NWT,

The lodge is now closed for freeze up, an annual time of year when the temperature drops, snow comes and the lakes all freeze over. Even better is that all staff and volunteers need a holiday too!

Fall and the beginning of winter mark the start of the Aurora season. That is right everybody the beautiful northern lights have returned to the north. Yellowknife is beaming with locals, natives and tourists all excited for winter to come. Skating, skiing, snowshoeing, the Snow King’s Castle are just some of the activities that Yellowknife has to offer and most we will have out at Blachford Lodge too!

We are getting very excited for our upcoming open up for the 2013 season! The office has heaps of inquiries pouring into our inbox and it looks like we are going to have a great staff for next year. Mike and Tessa the owners of the lodge had great volunteers in 2012 and the lodge looks amazing after all of the hard works that went into keeping things alive. Then who can forget the crew from 2011 who helped host the Royal Visit by Prince William and Kate!! We live from the help that you can give us and we can give so many experiences in return.

2013 is going to be a great season for Blachford with many changes that will be happening. Our volunteers will be taking on a few new projects around the lodge such as building a tree fort, cutting new trails through the forest on the Canadian shield, and lots more along with our regular tasks.

Also, we will have a few exciting announcements to come over the next year. One of them just for the photographer in you!

Everyone, past present and future please keep your eyes and ears open for our upcoming “Blachford Photo Contest” More details to come!

The Blachford Team

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