“NAMASTE” and WELCOME to the Children Welfare Home in Sauraha, Chitwan

At the doorstep of the Himalayas, Nepal is a country of cultural diversity, colorful landscapes, and ancient cities. However, Nepal is also among the world’s poorest and least developed countries with 42% of its population living below the poverty line. For most of people, day-to-day life is focused on survival.

About Us

The Children Welfare Home (CWH) was established on 16 February 1995 by Mr. Jaya Ram Tamata, Mrs. Maya Sunar Tamata and Mrs. Gaumati Tamata. Main aim was to provide a home for street children, orphans and abandoned children.

Almost 50 children are now living at the CWH. They are studying from nursery to Grade 12.

Home and Facilities

CWH Head Office is located in Bhaisipati-4, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal. New Branch Office is located at Bachhauli-2, Sauraha, Chitwan consisting of main building of three floors, with separate bedrooms for boys and girls and nursery for babies. Overall, it can house up to 50 children. There are also volunteer and guest rooms, bathrooms, classrooms, sick rooms, conference hall, library, garden and playground. Facilities allow children to play without disturbing neighbors, providing good and spacious conditions.

Values and Objectives of the CWH

CWH believes that it is crucial for the well-being of children to have a healthy and caring environment. CWH provides a shelter to children without parents or relatives, extremely deprived of parental care, living in streets, abandoned and socially isolated.

CHW provides them food, security, general “life-skills”, healthcare and other facilities, and most of all, a sense of family and belonging. CWH is proud to make sure that children receive a good education. During their stay at CWH, they all attend Private English boarding schools until grade 12 and receive support for their vocational training. CWH sees that it is important for children to become self-supportive, independent, and active members of society

Urgent Need for Funding


CWH has no financial support from the government and is not affiliated to any political or religious organization. Instead, it relies solely on charity and private donations for maintenance and development.

All expenses included, it costs approximately 100$ US (…… Euro) a month per child. In addition to pay for food, water, electricity, staff wages, clothes and other children’s needs, there are school fees and the cost of school uniforms, transportation and books.

Some of the many ways you can help the CWH include individually sponsoring a child and offering donations for necessary expenses such as toys, educational materials, first aid kits and medicine, clothes, shoes, etc. If you are interested to help, please, contact us. It would be highly appreciated.

Volunteer Work

The CWH would also appreciate volunteer help. Volunteers are always welcome to spend time in Sauraha with the children, teach, play and exchange culture with them. If you have any particular skills useful for the CWH, you may inform us. Please, contact us, if you are interested in helping the CWH by providing volunteer services.

Achievements of the CWH

CWH opened its doors with 12 children in 1995 as one of the first orphanages in Lalitpur Area.

Since then, CWH managed to reunite some children with their family or guardians after their high school. Some others left the orphanage and became fully functioning members of society. For instance, some of them are studying to become doctors, teachers, some work for small businesses, and some are reintegrated with their family. CWH believes that great achievements are due to good education provided to them all.
However, the CWH’s biggest achievement is that it is now really well-known in its area and it has welcomed almost 1000 children since 1995.

• In 2011 CWH was able to buy a piece of land in country side in Sauraha, Chitwan.
• Able to start to build a house for 50 children in Sauraha, to complete basic construction and move in to new building in June, 2012.
• Children are attending one of the best boarding schools of Sauraha, Chitwan.
• Living in own building is much confirmable than renting a building.
• Gardening will improve self-supportiveness

Current & Urgent Needs:

• To complete the building construction
• To provide daily food, shelter, security and basic health services
• To establish continuous sponsorship
• To arrange furnishings and setup
• To acquire a vehicle ( bus / ambulance )
• To start a scholarship program to needy children

Future Plans

490-article-f32b7bb001049770b3da329efAbout Nepal

1. Have CWH in Sauraha, ecologically sound and fully functional for children & expand support to children by establishing new branches in Nepal.
2. Buy additional land in Sauraha to have rice field, garden with vegetables and farm animals.
3. Establish a school within the home itself.
4. Provide vocational training to older children.
5. Have computers & library available for children
6. Purchase a bus for transportation.
7. Clinic establishment.

Maybe you liked the article and become interested to volunteer? Just check out the CWH’s host profile on staydu!

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    Thanks for the Welcome!!

    I enjoyed Chitwan and the Cultural Show at night of Dewali for me n my Friends from Malaysia,Australia and Korea….We had fun and enjoyed the evening walk to watch the children asking for donations after singing. The locals decorated the entrances to their shops n homes with “Kolam” as I understand, to celebrate the Dewali….1st time in Nepal!!

    The local Beer was good too though I could not get Gurkha Beer served in Restaurants n Bars….wonder why?
    Anyway good time,food and an experience there!!

    Eye opening for us all 8) :thumbsup:

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