Finding Cheap Flights (like 0.24€)

So as we (and probably most people do), we pick a place to go and then try to find a cheap flight. Surprisingly, you’re actually going to pay more that way. We just found 2 websites that is now changing the way we travel, because these websites will help us get the most out of our budget.

For example, we just booked 4 flights for 2 people for $168. And we could of got cheaper if we had more time and money to travel.

So what’s the secret? Don’t pick where you want to go, let the search engine tell you. We were able to find flights for as cheap as 0.24€ (1.00 PLN – as seen in the picture above).
We want to share our newest find with you. The two websites are Drungli and Skyscanner. With Drungli you you type in your city of departure and the date (you can see the whole month as well) and it will give you a list of the cheap flights from that city, with the cheapest first. Drungli also offer filters for different types of places such as sunny places, places rich in culture, romantic places etc. With Skyscanner you type in your city of departure and type in Everywhere (or even the location you want to go, if you have one) and it will tell you the cheapest day to fly and the cheapest place to fly to. See below for an example search with both websites.

Now it’s your turn, give it a try, just click search and tell us what you think. its definitely a money saver and we really wish we knew of it sooner.

12 thoughts on “Finding Cheap Flights (like 0.24€)

  1. Avatar of sarawingsarawing

    Sometimes when I searched on Skyscanner, the price was not really the lowest. We had a search engine in China called QUNAR, the offer there is much better. Though I don’t know if it has English version.

  2. Avatar of feliciafelicia

    You have to use many searchers. All these spiders give different prices för the same ticket on the same route on the same air-company at the exactly same time.

    It is not possible to trust one, two or three. Best is to use ten, from different countries, and you can sort out prettty fast the ones with too high price and then check more carefully about the date and alternative date you will travel.

  3. Avatar of feliciafelicia

    It is at least ten years they quit post-offices in Sweden. Now nearly no bank offices. And the few bank offices which is left do not sell or buy foregin money. (only and special offices for schanging money to money do that). And it is at least five years ago travel agency had that service that you could book a ticket. They have special contracts for companies and officials which thhey help.

    All these stuff (and much, much more like blipping and paying without any help (no cashier) of anybody in the supermarkets and so on) we must do ourselves.

    I know that in some not so developed countries you still can have these type of services. But it is just a matter of time and then other countries will follow. It is to expensive to have people helping with all these simple things you can do yourself.

    But of course it is good if you do not need to look for cheap flights on the Internet ans spend some hours lookling around there and instead just make a call and say I want the cheapest flight to this place from that place. It would be real fantastic if we had that possibility. But we do not have it.

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