Bali the Paradise
bali the paradise

Bali is not what I have thought in the past. Its beauty is not set on its beach or scenery, but the art work of the region, especially Ubud. I just wandered around the streets and enjoyed the master piece being sculptured by the talented Balinese. Everything is so perfect!
And interestingly, Balinese always consider me as a Balinese. Have to admit, I have dark skin, but I don’t know, do I really look like them?
Anyway, my boyfriend and I enjoyed our stay in Bali. Everything we saw were amazing and astonishing! We watched a short opera accidentally. We did not understand a word, of course, but the performance was nice and it just easily made you laugh. Some of the Balinese were really nice and would help you with anything you need, but some others were just money oriented. Like when we were staying in Uluwatu and wanted to rent a motorbike, we were told the price for one day was 150,000, which would be 4 times the price we got in Ubud region. That really made an unpleasant experience for us.
Besides Bali, we also went to Lombok the small island around 2 hours’ way by ferry. The ocean is clear and fresh. We heard that if we were lucky enough, we could see the turtles when we conduct snorkeling. But it turned out that we were not that lucky. We later found out that it’s not the eggs laying season so that’s why we would not be able to see the turtles while snorkeling. But one should be able to see plenty of them during scuba dive. Too bad my boyfriend and I don’t know how to scuba dive.

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