Crazy, crazy Athens

I was in Novermber to Athens with a friend of mine.
We’d met by the Internet 13 years ago, but never in person. And he decided to come to Europe and do a crazy travel with me.

Our second destination was Athens.
It was interesting enough and a good tranfer to go to any other place after.

The airport is 1 hour far from the city and it costs around 5 euro.

We arrived to Syntagma Square where there was a lot of police because the big crisis and the demonstrations against the Government.

We met there with a friend of mine that I met in Spain 4 years ago. My greek friend Katerina took us to have some turopita and basilopita for having lunch and guided us to the center of the town, where our hotel was.

The hotel’s name is Phaedra and is very cheap (30 € / double / night). The room is not very big but the bed is very comfortable and you can enjoy a small terrace with an incredible view from the Akropoli.

Athens is a very mediterranean city. The most of the modern quarters are not very interesting but Plaka and Monasteraki, near the Akropoli, are awesome. Full of restaurants and souvenir stores, the walk over these neighbourhoods is very pleasant.

The Akropoli price is 12 euros, but you can also visit other deposit areas. With an University card you can have a discount.

Don’t forget to visit the Akropoli’s Museum because is the most interesting thing in the Akropoli (at least for me). The view from the top of the mountain is great too. You can expend a lot of time taking pics.

And a very recommendable thing that, of course, we did:
go to a Bouzouki. Is a restaurant with tipical live music. The show is great and there you can try tipical dishes and drinks. We took rakomelo, an herb and honey liquour.
These places are expensive but you can expend there a lot of hours dancing, singing, eating and drinking. And it really worths it.

To conclude, I’ll tell you that we celebrate our birthdays (the 3 of us together) having dinner at Katerina’s places. Her mother and father cooked a lot of food. Take care when you’re eating: when you think that you’ve finished the principal plate comes. Hahahaha!

And be relaxed, be yourself and enjoy Greece!!!

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    We will be there this summer and I can’t wait! How did you get to Greece? We are trying to figure out the best way to get to Athens from Italy (we will be travelling all through Italy, Venice, Rome, Naples – looks like easiest and cheapest to travel to Greece from Rome though).

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    You can read te whole blog and there you’ll have all the info about my trip to Greece and also some tipps about to-do there. You just have to click in the link in order to see the complete info.
    Have fun in this great city and a very nice trip!!

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