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    Who can take a student loan in Fedloan?

    The student loan in cash at Fedloan today can be taken by Russian citizens who have a permanent registration in the region where the bank is present.

    To take a student loan in Fedloan in Moscow and the Moscow region, the borrower must have a confirmed income after tax deduction of 30 thousand rubles. For the rest of Russia is enough 20 thousand rubles.

    In addition, the borrower must have at least 1 year of total experience and work at the current place of work for at least 3 months.

    Fedloan loan for students: conditions in 2017

    Today, individuals at the age of at least 21 can receive a student loan from Fedloan. Theoretically, the loan is available for pensioners, since it can be issued even by those who at the time of full repayment of the loan turns 70 years old. Any bonuses, for example, a lower interest rate on a loan in Fedloan for pensioners today is not provided.

    Fedloan loan for holders of salary cards 2017

    The loan to Fedloan payroll customers is granted on special terms. To get a loan, holders of Fedloan payroll cards do not need to collect a full package of documents – it is enough to have a passport of the Russian Federation and SNILS. The loan amount of Fedloan for payroll customers can be increased to 5 million rubles, and the interest rate will be lower than that of other individuals.

    Loans to Fedloan for individuals in 2017: interest and conditions
    Fedloan loan: interest and conditionsIn the line of student loans of Bank Fedloan today there are three loans:

    – “Large”;
    – “Comfortable”;
    – “Mortgage Bonus”.
    The last type of loan appeared only in 2017. Consider the features and conditions for obtaining each of them in more detail.

    A new loan from Fedloan with a low interest rate “Mortgage Bonus”

    The student loan of Fedloan “Mortgage Bonus” is a cash loan at the minimum rate for clients paying mortgages to any Russian bank. An indispensable condition is the absence of delinquencies in the mortgage. Probably, customers who regularly pay a mortgage are considered reliable and Fedloan is ready to give them money for repairs, furniture – for anything!

    Credit term
    6-60 months.
    Loan amount
    400 000 – 5 million rubles.
    Interest rate

    student loan Fedloan “Krupny”

    The “Big” loan is an opportunity to receive a large amount of cash at a minimum interest rate for the bank.

    Credit term
    6 – 60 months.
    Loan amount
    400 000 – 5 000 000 rubles.
    Interest rate
    from 15% for holders of salary cards;
    15.5% for other individuals.

    student loan Fedloan “Convenient”

    Loan conditions “Convenient” allow you to get a not too large amount of cash and a content high percentage. But since the money is issued for a long period, the monthly payment for the loan will be relatively comfortable for the client.

    Credit term
    6 – 60 months.
    Loan amount
    100 000 – 399 999 rubles.
    Interest rate
    from 16.0% to 22%

    IMPORTANT: When registering a loan, the bank recommends contacting a Fedloan employee to select and connect an insurance program. Insurance is paid for by equal monthly payments during the whole term of the loan agreement or at a time for the entire insurance period at the expense of credit or the client’s own funds, depending on the choice of the insurance program.

    Also, when obtaining a loan from Fedloan, a Comprehensive Service Agreement and a Basic Service package are issued.

    Application for a loan in Fedloan online: how to file
    Terms and rates of loans FedloanIn Fedloan you can obtain a loan in several ways. You can apply for a loan in cash without guarantors in any branch of Fedloan. And if you do not have a bank branch nearby or plan to make a loan online, you can apply online for a loan on Fedloan or by phone at 8 (800) 100-24 -24.

    To do this, you need to fill out a questionnaire, a bank employee will call you back if there are any questions regarding your application. The answer of the bank about the decision on the loan you will receive by SMS. But to receive money, you still have to come to any office of Fedloan with a set of documents.

    If the application is submitted at the bank’s office, the funds will be automatically transferred to the account on the 3rd working day upon making the final positive decision. For holders of Fedloan payroll cards, a decision and a loan can be made immediately upon a visit to the bank’s office.

    Documents for a loan in Fedloan
    To receive a student loan Fedloan individuals should submit the following documents to the bank:

    – Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
    – certificate confirming income for the last 6 months;
    – SNILS;
    – The work book for the requested amount of 500 000 rubles.
    For holders of Fedloan payroll cards it is enough to provide a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and SNILS.

    Fedloan loans to individuals: an online calculator

    Online calculator will help to calculate the monthly payment and overpayment depending on the amount, term and interest rate of student credit.
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