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    traveling to to Australia
    16.October 2015 - 13.October 2016
    art work + office work/reception + gastronomy + farm/gardening + manual work + housework + animal care + sport/animation + other
    - help in a warehouse - waitress in a café - would like to do something sporty or work with animals(average working time per day: 5 hours)
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    traveling to to Spain
    04.October 2015 - 31.October 2015
    Yes of course !
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    traveling to to New Zealand
    01.September 2015 - 15.December 2015
    office work/reception
    office work/reception + computer/photography + farm/gardening
    IT(average working time per day: 2 hours)
    10 EUR per week
    10 EUR per week
    meet local, share st
    meet local, share story!
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    traveling to to United States of America
    07.October 2015 - 31.March 2016
    farm/gardening + teach a language + animal care + sport/animation + other
    We are both interested in agriculture. So far the knowledge comes mainly from our own experiences with our little urban garden and just a general interest. Other than that we could help with anything and are always excited to learn many new things.(average working time per day: 5 hours)
    To meet, share stori
    To meet, share stories, laugh together, teach whatever one may have to teach...
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    traveling to to South Africa
    15.January 2016 - 30.March 2016
    office work/reception + gastronomy + housework + teach a language + other
    I have studied Translation for German/English and speak three languages (German, English, Spanish), have then worked in a language school in England and have been working with students as a Programme Manager for internships and language courses in Germany for over 1.5 years now. I'm good with people and have a cheerful and kind personality, therefore I would be delighted to help with tourists, do reception/administration/office work or provide teaching assistance. Apart from that I would describe myself as being a good cook and I am more than willing to help with tasks around the house like preparing food or cleaning. I also have basic gardening skills and basic maintenance skills, meaning I can paint walls or fix a bike. :-)(average working time per day: 6 hours)



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