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    lives in
    teach to cook + art work + sport/animation + other
    teach(average working time per day: 3 hours)
  • Profile picture of Andrew-Peter
    Help in a House, Cafe and Farm
    lives in Ithaca, United States
    housework + manual work + farm/gardening + other
    We are friends who all work together around the house, in our cafe, or on our farm.(average working time per day: 6 hours)
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    explore Leipzig the alternative metropolis of Germany
    lives in Leipzig, Germany
    Because I like too and if possible to visit the traveler at his home.
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    if you like to have a local experience
    Jonathan Ponnudurai
    lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    teach a language
    teach a language + sport/animation
    i love Ultimate Frisbee(average working time per day: 1 hour)
    70 EUR per week
    70 EUR per week
    all inclusive
    for a cultural excha
    for a cultural exchange
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    enjoy life, share experiences and be happy
    lives in Lübeck, Germany
    housework + art work
    - looking for creative people - a bit of housework once in a while - mainly enabling others to see the world =) If you are looking for a sporty trip? Nice one. How about I teach you some basic workout exercises and you then teach some local people for free and therefore we make the world a healthier place =).(average working time per day: 1 hour)
    be creative =) or se
    be creative =) or see under help



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