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    World is a home and we are members.
    Nepal Friend
    lives in Kathmandu, Nepal
    teach a language
    It will be better to exchange language and culture to each other.(average working time per day: 1 hour)
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    stay in Berlin
    Alessandro Schneider
    lives in Berlin, Germany
    I would like to host for free! :)
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    lives in Skikda, Algeria
    housework + manual work + farm/gardening + animal care
    occasionally with friends and neighbors in farms and building houses ...(average working time per day: )
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    Will travel with you while you're in my City
    lives in Makati, Philippines
    I would love to tour you around my city for free; let's travel together!
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    Looking for accomodation/jobs in South or Central America
    lives in Kassel, Germany
    housework + farm/gardening + teach a language + other
    We'll find something ;)(average working time per day: 4 hours)
    30 EUR per week
    30 EUR per week
    Cultural exchange
    Cultural exchange



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