Visit locals and find free and budget accommodation all over the world! Just choose your country and find your prefered place to stay!

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    Not looking to host, but for a place to stay on my trip through New Zealand! :)
    lives in Bayreuth, Germany
    Travelling is a huge passion of me and I'd love to help others travelling on a budget (like I have to most of the time).
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    Stay for free in Pune
    lives in Pune, India
    Just to help someone new in the city
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    lives in Penza, Russia
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    Help in a Motel in New Zealand between October and March
    lives in Kaikoura, New Zealand
    Normal work hours are between 10am and 2pm. Work involves tidying the kitchens in the units. Ironing pillowslips. Vacuuming units.(average working time per day: 4 hours)
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    Stay for free in Mannheim
    lives in Bad Nauheim, Germany
    I give you the opportunity to stay for free in my appartment and I will show you my city. In return I want to get to know your culture and the opportunity to visit you at your home.



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