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    I'm a world record breaker!
    lives in Auckland,
    Basic and interesting stuff.(average working time per day: 2 hours)
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    Stay for free in Mannheim
    lives in Bad Nauheim, Germany
    I give you the opportunity to stay for free in my appartment and I will show you my city. In return I want to get to know your culture and the opportunity to visit you at your home.
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    Au pair/ Manual work
    lives in Jagsthausen, Germany
    housework + manual work + farm/gardening + babysitting/child care/elderly care
    We are especially looking for someone who wants to stay a year or half a year in Germany as a sort of "au pair". If someone is interested in taking care of our children, feel free to contact us and ask for more information. We would offer a language course and some money and at the moment we are looking for an opportunity to get official notifications for your work e.g. for your cv. But we also always need some help with the building of the café we are planning to open in two years. We are very flexible with people who wanna help out there and just wanna stay a week or two, and also with people who wanna travel together. We have several guestrooms and also a holiday flat if you wanna travel in a group. Feel free to contact us any time.(average working time per day: 4 hours)
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    paella, bullfighting, flamenco, what else?
    lives in Oviedo, Spain
    teach a language + teach an instrument
    (average working time per day: )
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    Owner of Guesthouse on the Garden Route, South Africa
    lives in Knysna, South Africa
    housework + gastronomy + office work/reception
    We are completely flexible regarding our young traveller's duties. Our large guesthouse can accommodate many skills, however possibly the most important would be to be people friendly! We have a huge garden, swimming pools, kitchen and barbeque area.... lots to do, the jobs on offer can appeal to most!(average working time per day: 6 hours)



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