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    Treat the house as yours, love it!
    lives in Cambodia
    Coming in this place is just meeting wonderful people who helped me without expection in return, i guess its just a cycle,
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    Help us in Sicily
    lives in Cassibile, Italy
    housework + babysitting/child care/elderly care + manual work + farm/gardening + teach a language + other + teach an instrument
    painting the house cleaning and cooking (everydays chores) We would like to build a compost toilet. wood for the winter(average working time per day: 5 hours)
    40 EUR per week
    40 EUR per week
    You have your private room (bed for two) bathroom shared with everyone.Meals are not included but we can prepare for you italian food with a very small fee.You can use the kithchen for preparing your meal.Electricity is included and a basic use of water.
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    Stay for free in Mannheim
    lives in Bad Nauheim, Germany
    I give you the opportunity to stay for free in my appartment and I will show you my city. In return I want to get to know your culture and the opportunity to visit you at your home.
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    lives in Nea Ionia, Greece
    housework + farm/gardening + gastronomy + art work
    You can contribute however you like.(average working time per day: 1 hour)
    35 EUR per week
    35 EUR per week
    That's the average weekly cost of bills + vegeterian food.
    Even if i accept fre
    Even if i accept freeloaders, i'd prefer people who contribute somehow to the household.
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    I'm a world record breaker!
    lives in Auckland,
    Basic and interesting stuff.(average working time per day: 2 hours)



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