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    I can´t host at this time.
    lives in Kandern, Germany
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    See us in Heidelberg
    Rebecca Geo-Graphic
    lives in Heidelberg, Germany
    We can offer a place in Heidelberg (1 mattress, two air mattresses) in the living room. We have a bathroom, tube, washing machine, dryer, kitchen, and a dog :) For more info look also on (Rebecca Kleine-Kloza) The reason to participate is what a traveller once said to us: sharing is caring. and sharing our train ticket with him gave us a really great trip and was funny.
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    Stay near locals by locals
    lives in Bangkok, Thailand
    teach a language
    just wanna make friends.(average working time per day: )
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    'Stay at my House friendstay at my house friends'
    lives in Marrakesh, Morocco
    One of out traits is Hospitality . and i learned from my Ancestors that Hospitality should not include Money . There are other thing more valuable than money like : Friendship, Harmoney , Respect , and love to all human races . I learned a lot from Metting new people cominf from new cultures and i seek for more .I was able to enhance my fluency in languages like English and french , i helped people speak my mother tongue ''Arabic'' i want learn other languages as well .
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    Help build a guesthouse
    lives in Driffield, United Kingdom
    manual work + farm/gardening + computer/photography
    We're looking for 2 people to help clear some land, renovate a building, help construct timber framed bungalows and also build a website for a new guesthouse on the beautiful Cambodian Island of Koh S'dach. In exchange for 4 hours work will we provide an ensuite room(average working time per day: 4 hours)



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