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    can't host at the moment
    lives in Germany
    housework + manual work + farm/gardening + gastronomy + office work/reception
    can't host at the moment(average working time per day: 4 hours)
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    You're welcome!
    lives in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    I enjoy alot learning new languages , so if u can give me a hand about it , it would be just great! It is more than just languages , but it's about a cultural exchange!
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    Stay at my house and we can discuss the arrangement if for free or lend a hand ;)
    lives in Quezon City, Philippines
    We have a small apartment which needs general cleaning since my family seldom stays at home.(average working time per day: 4 hours)
    28 EUR per week
    28 EUR per week
    Breakfast, lunch, dinner, internet, water, fan
    If he or she receive
    If he or she received me for free or extended help during the stay
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    Stay for free in Mannheim
    lives in Bad Nauheim, Germany
    I give you the opportunity to stay for free in my appartment and I will show you my city. In return I want to get to know your culture and the opportunity to visit you at your home.
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    Trabajo por alojamiento y comida
    lives in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina
    teach a language + housework + manual work + animal care + other
    Dispuesto a aprender todo lo que halla por aprender y con muchas ganas de trabajar a cambio de alojamiento y comida.(average working time per day: 6 hours)



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