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    Breathe the air and live by the sea
    lives in Howth, Ireland
    teach a language
    teach a language
    All I ask is that you are tidy and if you can teach me a language and I will assist you with your English that would be wonderful. I am particularly interested in improving my French or learning Italian.(average working time per day: 2 hours)
    90 euro EUR per week
    90 euro EUR per week
    Accomodation, breakfast and utilities with at least 1 evening meal per week.
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    lives in Skikda, Algeria
    housework + manual work + farm/gardening + animal care
    occasionally with friends and neighbors in farms and building houses ...(average working time per day: )
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    URGENT need for someone to help with yardwork, gardening, planting flowers, pulling weeds and some housekeeping, from RIGHT NOW (April 21) until May 23. We had a guest worker who promised to be here, but one week ago she wrote to say she could not come. We had said "No" to other applicants, so now we are here getting ready for the season, and with no help! We love to share our home with eager young people. Please read our profile, and check with our references! And contact us ASAP!!
    lives in Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, France
    housework + manual work + farm/gardening + gastronomy + office work/reception
    We ask you to help us with freshening and cleaning up to five guest rooms per day, in the morning. Sometimes this only takes 1-2 hours; sometimes longer. Occasional laundry work, or light gardening. We are VERY flexible -- if you work extra long a few days and want to take two days off, it's fine! We'll provide your meals, lodging, a bike, and sometimes you can come with us to explore, canoe, hike.(average working time per day: 3 hours)
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    lives in Le Fuilet, France
    NOT AVAILABLE FOR HOSTING(average working time per day: )
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    stay in Berlin
    Alessandro Schneider
    lives in Berlin, Germany
    I would like to host for free! :)



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