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    Stay with me in London
    lives in United Kingdom
    I can host
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    Young Women's IDEA internships
    lives in Dharamsala, India
    farm/gardening + teach a language + office work/reception + other
    Internships available in various women's empowerment projects varying from 3-18 months. For more information please visit working time per day: 6 hours)
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    Don't Panic
    lives in Kazan, Russia
    I have experienced so much hospitality during my travels to India,Nepal, Israel and South America (especially Bolivia!) so that I should actually give as well. It's interesting that I received help mostly from people, who were poor. I know, what it means to be a poor student, who always looks for the cheapest options of accommodation and food. Always negotiating, in the hope to save money in order to continue the trip (Several times I slept outside on the floor, just because there were no other possibilities. I should never do this again in the Bus-Stop in Lima!). Nobody should struggle during their travels and instead appreciate the helping hand of nice people. They don't even know you,but they like to hear your story and your attitude towards this world. It's a huge comfort for me to have experienced, that there are still People in this cruel world,who don't care about where your from and how much money you've got. So tell me an interesting story and I will host you!
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    Au pair/ Manual work
    lives in Jagsthausen, Germany
    housework + manual work + farm/gardening + babysitting/child care/elderly care
    We are especially looking for someone who wants to stay a year or half a year in Germany as a sort of "au pair". If someone is interested in taking care of our children, feel free to contact us and ask for more information. We would offer a language course and some money and at the moment we are looking for an opportunity to get official notifications for your work e.g. for your cv. But we also always need some help with the building of the café we are planning to open in two years. We are very flexible with people who wanna help out there and just wanna stay a week or two, and also with people who wanna travel together. We have several guestrooms and also a holiday flat if you wanna travel in a group. Feel free to contact us any time.(average working time per day: 4 hours)
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    Self-Sufficiency in Rural Central Italy
    lives in Palmoli, Italy
    housework + manual work + farm/gardening
    I ask for 6 ours of work a day. Usually different type of work are available at the choice of the volonteer.(average working time per day: 6 hours)



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