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    Subtitle -)
    lives in Prague, Czech Republic
    other(average working time per day: )
    it s actually staydu
    it s actually staydu that somehow pretend to make traveller a host too ... i can t .
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    stay at my house
    lives in Berlin, Germany
    teach photography
    teach photography + farm/gardening
    test(average working time per day: 3 hours)
    10 EUR per week
    10 EUR per week
    stay for free
    stay for free
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    Stay for free in Mannheim
    lives in Bad Nauheim, Germany
    I give you the opportunity to stay for free in my appartment and I will show you my city. In return I want to get to know your culture and the opportunity to visit you at your home.
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    smile and happy people
    lives in Warsaw, Poland
    Im interested in revisiting. It will be very nice.
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    Inner Northern Suburban
    lives in Coburg, Australia
    89.99 + 50 bond EUR per week
    Key to the house, own room, access to lounge, kitchen, dining room, yard, and friendly conversation. Near to Batman Train Station (True Story Look It Up!!) 7km North of CBD.



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