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    lives in Spain
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    want to discover eastern europe !!
    lives in Alcaudete, Spain
    housework + teach a language + animal care
    I would like you to teach a bit about your mother language !!(average working time per day: 1 hour)
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    Travelling is to know
    lives in San Fernando, Spain
    teach a language
    teach a language
    speak spanish(average working time per day: 3 hours)
    only more 18 years o
    only more 18 years old
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    We are artist couple willing to work for stay and food
    lives in Madrid, Spain
    housework + babysitting/child care/elderly care + manual work + farm/gardening + teach a language + computer/photography + office work/reception + sport/animation + teach to cook + teach photography + art work
    We can teach languages we speak. Teach dancing. Do manual work like housekeeping and cooking.(average working time per day: )
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    We are a community group that lives in a cottage in Girona sorrounded by forest
    lives in Girona, Spain
    housework + babysitting/child care/elderly care + manual work + farm/gardening + sport/animation
    we have a great variety of tasks to do, farming, manual work, wood cutting, kids caring, etc...(average working time per day: )



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