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    clean and cozy home
    lives in Worsley, United Kingdom
    30 EUR per week
    internet, cable tv, furnished room, bedding, close to train and bus routes.
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    enjoy life, share experiences and be happy
    lives in Lübeck, Germany
    housework + art work
    - looking for creative people - a bit of housework once in a while - mainly enabling others to see the world =) If you are looking for a sporty trip? Nice one. How about I teach you some basic workout exercises and you then teach some local people for free and therefore we make the world a healthier place =).(average working time per day: 1 hour)
    be creative =) or se
    be creative =) or see under help
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    Like folks to have fun with ...
    lives in Herrenberg, Deutschland
    teach a language
    teach a language + housework + manual work + animal care + other
    Sometimes I have to travel around, or I have lots of work, therefore I need some help in the house and with the animals. There are two cats, and one or two dogs to be cared and feeded. The dishes must be washed and the ovens need some wood in the cold time. Sometimes something must be transported up or downstairs. And sometimes there are things broken and must get repaired...(average working time per day: 2 hours)
    70 EUR per week
    70 EUR per week
    a separate room with a single bed, bath and kitchen using.
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    Gardening in Piemonte, N-W Italy, near the Alps
    lives in Agliè, Italy
    manual work + farm/gardening
    I am looking for volunteers to help in exchange for bed and meals. The volunteers will be granted free time and days off. There will be "a test period" in the first 4 days, to see if the volunteer is compatible with the works to do. The works to do are many and different, from house renovation, reparation, cleaning, painting, gardening, works for flowers and trees, etc. NO cooking. If possible, the volunteer will do the kind of job he/she prefers, according to his/her skills.(average working time per day: )
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    lives in Skikda, Algeria
    housework + manual work + farm/gardening + animal care
    occasionally with friends and neighbors in farms and building houses ...(average working time per day: )



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