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    Well-Travelled Australian Wants to show his country off to others
    lives in Tumblong, Australia
    farm/gardening + office work/reception
    Only mention some work because I think it is fair in return for bed and food! 3 hours a day sounds reasonable to me(average working time per day: 3 hours)
  • Profile picture of Natalia
    Stay at my house
    lives in Lviv, Ukraine
    teach a language
    I want to meet a lot of people and learn how people around the world life. Also I want to improve my English and German(average working time per day: 1 hour)
  • Profile picture of marthadomhoefer
    Come around
    lives in Germany
    teach to cook
    teach to cook + housework
    You don't have to work a Lot...(average working time per day: 2 hours)
    Actually you can sta
    Actually you can stay One or two Nights around my Place If I am again in Town :-)
  • Profile picture of Horizon-Peru
    Teach English in Peru!
    lives in La Esperanza, Peru
    teach a language
    teach a language + other
    Volunteers teach around six hours a day.(average working time per day: 6 hours)
    60 EUR per week
    60 EUR per week
    Accommodation, program fees and materials to run our school!
    Program Coordinator
    Program Coordinator position available in April 2014 & Director position available in August 2014.
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    Stay with me and enjoy
    lives in Jaipur, India
    teach a language
    teach a language + teach to cook + teach photography + housework + manual work + farm/gardening + gastronomy + computer/photography + office work/reception + art work + babysitting/child care/elderly care + animal care + sport/animation + other
    i am a student and its my passion to host a travel in my royal city(average working time per day: 5 hours)
    40 ERU EUR per week
    40 ERU EUR per week
    20 ERU



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