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    Welcome to eBay. Learning what you need for your first purchase is easy.
    Step 1: Register
    Step 2: Search for items
    Step 3: Consider purchasing formats
    Step 4: Consider the forms of payment
    Step 5: Use My eBay (optional)
    Step 6: Contact eBay users (optional)

    Step 1: Register

    Registration is simple and free. Register now or learn more about the registration process .

    Step 2: Search for items

    You can find articles by searching or browsing the categories.
    Browse the categories when you are not sure what you are looking for or if you just want to explore the ads for a particular one. To do this, click on one of the categories in the left column of the eBay cover page.
    Do a search when you want to find an article that can be described in a few words. To do this, enter the words that describe the item in the Search box, which is in the upper right corner of most eBay pages.
    Learn how to find articles.

    Step 3: Consider purchasing formats

    There are many ways to buy items on eBay. Sales formats include auction ads, where the seller offers an item that the highest bidder wins, and Buy It Now ads, which allow you to buy a fixed-price item without waiting for the auction to end.
    ebay canada
    More information on sales formats.

    Step 4: Consider the forms of payment

    Each seller is different and can accept different forms of payment. Before buying, read the description of the item carefully to know the payment methods accepted by the seller. Most sellers accept PayPal because the transfer is immediate.

    More information about payment methods.

    Step 5: Use My eBay (optional)

    My eBay allows you to track your activities on eBay, including purchases, sales and votes, from a single page. When you register, your My eBay personal page is created. Visit her frequently to follow the status of the articles that interest you.

    Learn more about My eBay .

    Step 6: Contact eBay users (optional)

    Once registered, you can participate in the discussion forums of the eBay community. Contact other users for advice or help.

    See the full list of discussion forums.

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