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  1. Alessandro stayed the last week with me in Berlin. Alessandro is really easygoing, we had a great time doing some party and seeing the euro soccer cup!

  2. Alessandro IS the Co-Founder of this Site and am happy to be part of it as a Country Manager for Malaysia.. We set all guidelines and he helped me to set my Facebook Page "staydu Malaysia" which is making waves in this Country and some people have written Blogs and Articles in the Forum and Magazine with me as well….We are yet to meet but very connected!! IS Awesome and we shall take this site to GREATER HEIGHTS together!!. Happy Travels to ALL….

  3. Alessandro had asked Blachford Lake Lodge to participate in an interview that he was conducting. We exchanged email on Staydu and from our other accounts and had a lovely interaction to provide information for each other.
    Communication was fast, clean, and good.

  4. He asked me to participate in some kind of interview section, I replied the same day, and have heard nothing back from him since. It’s been 7 months.